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Family / Domestic

Family law cases can be complicated and expensive, particularly when involving children and marital property. We also understand the emotional issues related to these cases. Our goal in all family law cases is to settle as many issues as possible in advance and to always be mindful of the best interests of the children. We believe these two priorities will keep the costs of litigation down, and more importantly, will minimize the effect separation and divorce inevitably has on the children. If we are unable to arrive at an acceptable settlement of your case and it must go to trial, we will aggressively represent your interest.

We practice all areas of family law including:

Marriage and Divorce
Prenuptial Agreements
Separation Agreements
Divorce (contested and uncontested)
Spousal Maintenance (alimony)
Divison of Marital Property
Child Custody
Indian Child Welfare Act
Child Support
Grandparent Custody/Visitation
Third Party Custody/Visitation
Post-Judgment Issues
Restraining Orders
Orders for Protection
Domestic Partnership
Juvenile Law

The following sites contain useful information related to Family / Domestic legal issues:

A Center for Women:

Center for Fathers:

Minnesota Indian Child Welfare Tribal/State Agreement:

Christian Legal Society:

Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Resources:,, Christian Recovery Counseling

Here is a sample and brief description of family law matters we can help you with:

Divorce: Typical issues we will help you work out include spousal maintenance (amount, duration, modifiability), child support (including insurance coverage, credit for transportation expenses, tax deductions and child care expenses), custody and visitation or parenting plan, property settlement (taking pensions and other deferred assets into account, plus responsibility for debts), and other matters.

Post-Judgment Issues: We will assist you with modifications of divorce judgments (spousal maintenance, child support, visitation, and so forth). We will also help you in enforcing judgments if the other side does not comply with Court orders. In some cases, the state can help you collect at little or no cost.

Restraining Orders and Orders For Protection: We offer full service regarding problems with family violence. We will assist you in dealing with the Police and will recommend appropriate counseling agencies. We will also assist you with defending charges of domestic abuse, including representing you in Restraining Order proceedings as well as criminal defense.

Paternity:Typical issues we can help you work out include establishing parentage, custody and visitation or parenting plan, child support (including insurance coverage, credit for transportation expenses, tax deductions and child care expenses).

Criminal Defense and Juvenile Law

You have a constitutional right to remain silent

Exercise that right and contact Lynn Klicker Uthe, Ltd. We have over 46 years combined experience in criminal defense and juvenile delinquency proceedings. We will assist you in dealing with the prosecutor regarding misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felonies and delinquency petitions. We will fully explain the charges against you, proceedings, and your options, including alternatives to trial.


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